About us

Jo Beattie

‘Memories are those precious moments that tell our story’
My work is a reflection on memories. My most recent work uses shadow to reflect and enhance the image, relating to how we reflect on our memories.
I work from images and objects that range from figurative work to our old toys, my most recent work has become more sculptural, working in machine thread and Perspex.
I predominantly use print, paint, dyed fabrics and work detail with machine and hand stitching. The backgrounds are wire mesh or totally see through to enable the shadows to become a prominent and integral part of the work.
Recently I have shown at The Other Art Fair in London and the Knitting and Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace and Harrogate.

Jenny Black

In my childhood, I was surrounded by sewing, embroidery and knitting.  I trained as a nurse and when my youngest child started school, I took both parts of the City and Guilds Embroidery Course. Following this I became a member of Jean Draper’s masterclass in Lichfield.

I became more interested in design and so took an Art Foundation Course.  Since then my time has been divided between painting and stitching. I was a member of John Allen’s design  course at Waterloo. I am a member of the New Embroidery Group and have exhibited with them at the Knitting and Stitching Shows and elsewhere. 
I am a member of the Worcester Embroiderers Guild. 
At the moment my main interest is in landscape.

Pam Curtis

My formal training started at the College of Education followed by the College of Art, then University.

After years of teaching, teacher training and tutoring National courses in the UK and Malta, I am now retired and concentrating on my own work.

I have always worked with fabrics and threads – stitching, knitting, making clothes, furnishings and decorative items.

I am currently making knee quilts, 6 in all, combining fabrics and knitting in understated and decorative ways.

I tend to be influenced by Italian designers, smooth elegance and subtlety of colour.

Sonja Turner

My current work has two distinct influences:

First I have been inspired by Kantha, the textiles produced by Bengali women to celebrate the many traditions passed on through the generations; it involves recycling old cloth for re-use with stitch. Inspired by their example I have started to use this technique in my own work and it has fed my soul during difficult times – the feel of a needle rhythmically going through cloth has a very calming effect.

My second influence is Mary Feddon. Her celebration of the ordinary, her colour and spatial naivety has inspired me to look again at composition and space using hand stitching.

Two sets of work both needing a different approach.

Wendy Wildman

My love of fabric, colour and stitch started as a teenager. Initially my work revolved around traditional Patchwork and Quilting and after joining the local Embroiderers’ Guild I completed the City and Guilds Embroidery qualification parts 1 and 2. At this time I was producing many quilts for Family and Friends. 
My work then moved away from the traditional and became far more intuitive; now the work is rarely designed and the inspiration for the next piece comes from the character and personality of the recipient. This gives me the freedom of colour and form to suit each individual. One day it can be Landscape another Gardens or Tutus and the Ballet.

It is an exciting journey.